Hybrid Infrastructure Design

MTL's array of infrastructure design and deployment services encompasses Network design, Virtualization, Data and storage management, Security solutions, and WAN optimization.


Hybrid Infrastructure Design / Deployment

Hybrid Infrastructure Design and Deployment: Bridging the Gap for Modern Business

In the rapidly evolving landscape of IT architecture, the concept of hybrid infrastructure has emerged as a game-changer for businesses seeking flexibility, scalability, and security in their operations. This innovative approach combines on-premises resources with cloud-based solutions, offering a dynamic and adaptable framework that meets the diverse needs of modern enterprises.

At its core, hybrid infrastructure combines the best of both worlds: the stability and control of on-premises systems and the agility and scalability of cloud services. This blend allows organizations to optimize their resources, seamlessly integrating legacy systems with cutting-edge cloud technologies.

IT Infrastructure audit and analysis

IT solution design considering your business needs

Seamless migration and optimization of IT infrastructure

Infrastructure Optimization


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We have a good experience with world and local top class companies.

* Ericsson  * Edotco  * Robi  * Airtel  * Grameen Phone  * Teletalk  

Our Experiences on

Experienced of around more than 15000+ Successful Works.

High Skilled and well trained and Motivated 200 Professionals.

  • BTS Installation (4650+)
  • MW Installation (3700+)
  • Optical Fiber Cable termination between MUX & ODF, ODF & LTU, LTU & ODF, ODF & MMU
  • E1 Mapping for both Cascade and Stand alone sites
  • Infrastructure and Cost Studies
  • Power Maintenance for BTS
  • Equipment survey (3200+)
  • Vehicle Management (11)
  • Warehouse Management (3)
  • Site Surveys, Site Evaluation, Approval and Drive Testing (600+)
  • AC and Generator supply, install and maintenance
  • LOS and TSS Survey (4000+)
  • Up Gradation of Baseline, Up Gradation of Modules
  • Management / Technical
  • Core Networking / Switching (10+)
  • Project Management
  • Cost Management
  • Multiplexer (10+)
  • Site Acquisition (40+)