In today's hyper-connected world, access to a robust and reliable network is critical for businesses aiming for global success. Mesh Technologies Limited (MTL) stands as a beacon in offering unparalleled access. With an expansive array of network options, MTL ensures seamless connectivity to the global landscape, providing clients with a dynamic ecosystem of domestic and international business partners, networks, and carriers.

MTL takes pride in assisting clients at every step of their data journey. From strategizing and planning to designing, constructing, and maintaining data centers, as well as provisioning cloud solutions, MTL ensures that businesses have the support they need across the globe. By delivering secure, efficient, and reliable data center and cloud services, MTL empowers clients to concentrate on their core activities, unburdened by concerns about the reliability and security of their IT systems and applications.

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Here are some key features that distinguish MTL's data center management services:

  1. Telecommunication Provider Hub: MTL's data center serves as the home to 100% of domestic telecommunication providers and over 80% of international telecommunication providers. This strategic positioning allows for enhanced connectivity options and unparalleled access to global networks.

  2. Bangladesh Internet Exchange (BDIX): As the host to BDIX, MTL provides clients with direct access to a pivotal internet exchange, facilitating efficient data transmission within the region.

  3. Reliable Connectivity: MTL ensures reliable connectivity through L2VPN, offering a protected and dual diverse redundancy path with a high SLA of 99.95%. This ensures uninterrupted operations, even in the face of potential disruptions.

  4. Direct Internet Access: Clients benefit from direct internet access to Tier 1 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) through MTL's IPv4/IPv6 dual stack network, supported by two internet gateways and multiple upstream providers. This setup guarantees high-speed and reliable internet connectivity, essential for modern businesses.

  5. Enhanced Peering: With 10G direct peering with Bangladesh Internet Exchange (BDIX), MTL enables clients to leverage efficient data exchange capabilities, optimizing network performance and reducing latency.

Mesh Technologies Limited offers comprehensive data center management solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of businesses in today's digital landscape. By providing reliable, secure, and innovative services, MTL ensures that clients can navigate the complexities of the digital realm with confidence, focusing on their growth and success.