Telecommunication (Installation & Maintenance) Services

We specialize in continuous consultancy for turnkey projects, maintenance, restoration, and operational services across a spectrum of networks, including broadband, fiber optics, wireless, copper, coaxial, and hybrid systems. Our nationwide service capabilities grant us local resources and pricing advantages over competitors, covering a larger geographic area.

Our innovative ongoing installation services derive from our ability to deliver network services at reduced costs, faster timelines, and maintaining equal or superior quality compared to in-house operations.

  • BTS Installation, Testing, and Commissioning
  • MW Installation, Testing, and Commissioning
  • Integration of Network Elements
  • Path LoS and Report Preparation
  • Supply & logistics
  • Site additions
  • Site modifications
  • Antenna System Adjustments
  • Coaxial line sweeps and repairs
  • Lease and zoning modifications
  • Radio adds
  • RF Optimization
  • Generator and Power Plant Maintenance
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Property Management
  • Tower Maintenance
telecommunication service

IT Infrastructure Service and Solutions

MTL is your premier destination for comprehensive IT Infrastructure Services and Solutions. We excel in delivering avant-garde technology solutions spanning diverse domains, dedicated to empowering businesses on their transformative digital voyage.

  • Data Center Solutions (End to End data center and security) Solutions for Security ( Network Security)
  • Data Protection, Bandwidth Management, Proxy for Authentication)
  • Networking Solutions ( Managed Network Service, Visualization, Unified Communication, Implementation etc)
  • Solutions for Data Center (Active & Passive Component)
  • Printing Solutions (OPS- Office Printing solutions, control your printing)
  • Access Control & Surveillance Solutions
  • SBC Solution (Voice & SMS)
  • ERP Solutions
  • IT Auditing & Consultancy
  • Solutions for Power (Power Backup, Surge protection)
  • Solutions for Documents Management, Digital Library (Archiving)
  • Fire Fighting Solutions
  • Performance/Quality Checkup for Data, Application, Power, Network & infrastructure
  • Managed Service (Help Desk, call center, AMC (24X7) Support, Relocation)
  • Solutions for Banking Automation
  • Infrastructure Designing & Building
  • Data Center design & construct
  • Network Infrastructure & Integration
  • System Integration
  • Business Applications
  • Security Services-Firewall, VPN, Antivirus and RSA
  • Disaster Recovery and Data Integrity

Optical Fiber (Installation & Maintenance)

  • Optical Fiber Data Connectivity (P2P - Dedicated Individual Core) – Under Ground & Over Head.
  • Optical Fiber Real Broad Band Internet Connectivity only for Corporate House (P2P - Dedicated Individual Core for Unlimited Speed) – Under Ground & Over Head.
  • Optical Fiber Real Broad Band Internet Connectivity only for Corporate House - (P2P - Dedicated Actual B/W Only).
  • Total LAN (including Wireless LAN & Wi-Fi Solutions) & MAN Solutions (with or without maintenance).
  • WAN Solutions (Via - Radio, Radio HUB, VSAT - C-Band & Ku-Band Hub anywhere in Bangladesh).
  • Point to Point / Point to Multi Point Radio Link Solutions.
  • Wired / Wireless Internet Connectivity.
  • BTCL – DDN/ Under Ground Optical Fiber Data Solutions anywhere in Bangladesh.
  • Core Network Solutions.
  • IT Consultancy Services.
  • Optical Fiber Last Mile Solutions (with or without maintenance).