Management Run by Experienced Managers Who Worked in National and Multinationals. Our management is Headed by Managing Director and next a Director Technical who is leading the Main Two Departments of Telecommunication, Installation and Inspection and another Planning and Review. Installation and Inspection Manager has Twenty five Teams of Installation.Manager Planning and review is also leading the Site Preparation Team. We are always with Perpetual Monitoring Evaluation and Review technique.

We are always with contingency Planning with a Back up team to Provide Contingency support to ensure success of individual team by providing extra support if required. We are with Fail safe approach. Management is performing execution of: Progress review Meeting, Team Expansion Plan, Contingency planning, Daily and 8 hourly Progress Monitoring, Work Quality Inspection, task defining and task allocation. All the logistic supports are being ensured Logistic and Coordination Officer.


______Progress Review Meeting
___________Team Expansion Plan
_________________Contingency Planning
_______________________Daily and 8 hourly Progress Monitoring
_____________________________Work Quality inspection
___________________________________Task defining and task allocation

strong supply chain management system